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Video Production and Delivery for Distance Learning

Educational video is, perhaps, the best-recognized attribute of remote education. Video technologies provide the visual and audio realism of a face-to-face class. Video enables students to see facial expressions and body language, adding personality to communication.

The mission of Delta L Video Department is to assist educators and trainers in providing quality instruction through electronic technologies, enabling students to attain their educational goals and standards.

Delta L helps customers in all stages of the project:

  • Creating video / combining video from existing video sources (DVD, tape, etc.) / editing.
  • Transcoding: converting video from any form to a format that can be delivered over the internet. We have special expertise and equipment to create highest-quality video in a compressed form suitable for efficient delivery over a network.
  • Provide servers on high-speed burstable T3 connection specifically designed to support video delivery, as well as software tools allowing password-protected access to specific video streams.
  • Provide specialised software for viewing video as stream embedded in a regular web page or in a stand-alone video client that can be customized to your requirements (your logo, university colors, etc.)

Streaming video works especially well as a supplement tool along with more traditional forms, such as DVD. It allows educators to react to student's questions and takes distance learning to an interactive level similar to that of in-class education.

Please, call (814)234-0900 or contact us to discuss your video encoding project.

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